Dr Stephen Thompson

Research : Design and cognition, practice and Philosophy

I explore how the human mind is extended into the world by means of artefacts. I ask how we shape and are shaped by the aspect of being human that we call technology. My broader transdisciplinary academic expertise lies in my questioning of accepted ways we understand things, deconstructing those preconceptions and reconstructing them into new ideas.


Dr Martyn Woodward

Research : Art / Design history, Media-Archaeology, Radically Enactive Cognition (REC), Relational Ontologies of Images

My research explores the intermingled relationship between human experience, the created/designed world of artefacts and what we might call the ‘non-human’ world of matter and materials. I am particularly interested in how such interrelationships change or reconfigure our current view of reality, as well as the received histories of art and design practices, and how we come to understand what it means to ‘design’.


Henry Gruffud Hill

Research : Speculative Design and cognition, The Technological Substrate.

I explore how artefacts rely upon an invisible technological and cultural  infrastructure in order to function or come into being. I am particularly intrigued by the idea that this infrastructure can become fractured from our understanding of the artefact by time. In the long future of a mobile phone, like many archeological artefacts, viewed without knowledge of the technological infrastructure of global communications, that surrounds the material device, might appear to future archeologists to be beyond analysis and perhaps be assigned a spiritual or ritualistic function.